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Preschool Program

PreschoolWe have two rooms for the preschool age group. Children must be 3 by September 30th of the current school year to ensure that the child will be entering Pre-K in the Fall of the next school year.

Through hands-on teacher and child directed, developmentally appropriate, activities based on the children's interests, your child will:

  • Develop large motor skills with opportunities to climb, dance and ride tricycles
  • Develop small/fine motor skills through the use of paint brushes, markers and playing with play dough
  • Develop pre-reading and literacy skills by looking at books, talking about stories and having books read to them
  • Build science knowledge through exploration and discovery
  • Develop algebra skills by counting, sorting and matching
  • Further develop their creativity with art materials such as crayons, glue and paint
  • Begin to develop mediation and social skills through conflict resolution and interactions with others

Your child will feel secure by having a predictable daily schedule that they can understand and follow.

Health and safety are our top priority at Hill and Dale. All toys are sanitized daily, mouthed toys are removed and cleaned after a child has played with them. In addition, each child has their own cot that is cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis and as needed. To ensure the identity of all adults authorized to withdraw your child, we use a fingerprinting method to verify adults who come to check-out children. Along with monthly fire drills, the Clark County Fire Department also conducts disaster and earthquake drills.

Enrollment Forms for Preschoolers

To enroll a child in our Preschool program, the following forms must be completed. You may complete them online and print them out, or you can print the forms and fill them out by hand. All signatures must be signed by hand; the forms will not allow any text input. Please be aware that these forms are intended for your viewing or printing and will not be saved.

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