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Toddler Program

ToddlerWe have one large area for children who are 12 to 18 months of age at the beginning of the school year. The ratio is 1 teacher to 6 children when the average age is 12-18 months and a maximum of 8 children when the average age is 18 months.

As a toddler at Hill and Dale, your child will:

  • Continue the development of language skills as the teacher makes statements in order to help them understand what is happening around them in the classroom and also what they are experiencing through describing the emotions they feel and through the use of action words.
  • Continue devoloping pre-reading skills through listening as the teacher reads and sings to them.
  • Continue to develop their creativity when offered opportunites to work with many varied mediums, such as paint, glue and crinkle paper.
  • Continue their development of large motor skills with daily outside time that includes sand play and water play, scooting toys to ride on and balls to roll and throw

In our toddler classrooms, your child will follow a daily schedule based on the developmental level of the classroom that will create a sense of security through predictability for them.

Health and safety are our top priority at Hill and Dale. All toys are sanitized daily, mouthed toys are removed and cleaned after a child has played with them. In addition, each child has their own cot that is cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis and as needed. To ensure the identity of all adults authorized to withdraw your child, we use a fingerprinting method to verify adults who come to check-out children. Along with monthly fire drills, the Clark County Fire Department also conducts disaster and earthquake drills.

Enrollment Forms for Toddlers

To enroll a toddler, the following forms must be completed. You may complete them online and print them out, or you can print the forms and fill them out by hand. All signatures must be signed by hand; the forms will not allow any text input. Please be aware that these forms are intended for your viewing or printing and will not be saved.

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