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We recognizeHill and Dale Child Development Center Nutrition that good nutrition is a critical component of every child's health and development. At Hill and Dale, children are provided with a morning snack, milk at lunchtime, an afternoon snack and an evening snack to ensure that all children receive a steady supply of nourishment throughout the day, at no extra cost. Parents are expected to pack their child's lunch.

Hill and Dale strives to provide healthy snacks by offering children fresh fruits and vegetables, while eliminating many canned items. All of our staff is required to participate in child health and nutrition classes anually. We follow the USDA federal guidelines for snacks and lunches which can be found here. If your child is unable to eat certain foods due to a food allergen (specified in the Child's Record form) we can provide alternatives for them.

An example of what parents can expect to see on our menu:

Morning SnackNilla Wafers & Milk
LunchSack Lunch along with Milk provided by Hill and Dale
Afternoon SnackVegetables with Ranch
Evening SnackPretzels

We ask that you please refer to the Parent Handbook for our guidelines concerning healthy lunches from home.

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